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  1. Nga Madia (Lady Mary)
  2. Long Talk with Daughter


Nga Madia (Lady Mary)

Today I awoke, thinking about Ngá Madia
Illiterate woman but wise
Considerate, she could be a Nobel Prize
Simple and easy-going woman
She will speak with anyone passing by
No shoes on her feet, she’s the oldest fishwife in my town
She wakes early to fetch fish from the boats
Then, walks for miles into town
Just to sell it to feed her family

This is the story of a woman
Strong and tireless mom
Who, always had a smile
And never complain of life
It’s a story of a widow
Mother of many heroes
Ngá Madiá, Ngá Madié
Ngá Madiá, Ngá Madié


Muhatu yu ua ngy longo o khu talá o muenhu khu pólo
Wha ngy longo o khu kuatekessa o muigi ho valuu-kiluu
Hoo kuambata ho ngongo mu dikunda, khiene kiaa ngy longo (eme ngy mu landa)Hoo nguzu
yami nii huu-messené

I woke up thinking of all the weman
Who suffer from lack of support from a man
Raising children alone
With heads held high
Teaching twice the do’s and don’ts
I woke up thinking about brave ladies
Diligent wemen, borned before me, who fought and lost their lives
Centuries ago for my freedom

This is for every woman
Strong and tireless one
Who, always have a smile
And never complain of life
For all the wemen
Who’ve seen the hard side of life
Ngá Madiá
Ngá Madié


You deserve roses and love
Of you we are proud of
If your life was a mistake
Is too late to forsake
Cause you’re part of the mission
Thou awakened our ambitions,
Drove us to life
And taught us to overcome

Ngá sakidila
Thank you lady Maria

Long Talk with Daughter

Look at me and let me know what’s going on
You look so sad, you don’t eat, you don’t talk
anymore, Honey what’s wrong?
No situation is greater, than your hope
Don’t worry you’ll find a solution
Then back to life n’ say, here I am again

You know the best is yet to come,

Change is coming for you
Come on, baby one more time take it easy
Is never too late, you are still breezy


Stop all your weeping, stop all your weeping
You got keep faith and believe
Nobody’s dreaming without a fight
You need to thinking only of victory

Ah, you’re good enough to face your ghosts, trust
yourself and forget your losses
And everyday life is what we all face

Sometimes a talk with those in same situation
Can help you understand your frustration,
Baby you still have too much to do, it’s a long way, to forever more
I’m right here so don’t be scared

You’re not alone, you’re not alone,
You’ve got God and me to push you

All day, all night, till your dreams come true
All I know is that everything will be ok
Even if it’s hard we’ll gonna make it happen
You’ve got to achieve the impossible
And take your chances in this life
Cause life is such a beautiful gift

We’ll gonna make it happen anyway
Our dreams guide our life


NGA MADIA Single (2014)

“NGA MADIA Single”


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