Afrikkanitha's new single NGA MADIA will be released in April

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NGA MADIA (Lady Mary) is a sample of what will be the Afrikkanitha's next album. The single honors the hardworking women, single mothers, widows and every  women who sacrifices their lives for their children, without the support of a husband .

NGA MADIA is an hommage, an account experiences of the Angolan fishwives who can raise their children alone until they grown up and get school graduated. Most of them are Illiterate woman but very wise and represent the traditional woman of the island of Luanda (Angola), an example of strength and determination. She walks miles all over town looking for customers to buy her fish to take some money home. This woman is in many cases mother of important people in the country, like ministers, Doctor's, lawyers and many others. 

Produced by husband Simmons has holdings of Shirazette Tinnin on drums and Melton Mustafa in horns. Simmons Massini was in charge of the other instruments.

The single will be released in Miami, Florida in a informal launch party and will be available on itunes, CD baby for everyone who want's to buy online, in April.

“NGA MADIA Single”


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